4 Tips Choosing an Arizona
Pest Control Provider

The Pest Control industry thrives in Arizona due to the dangerous insects that live in our desert terrain. At last check, there are over 1200 licensed pest control companies listed with the Arizona Department of Agriculture’s Office of Pest Management and that number continues to grow.

Consumers have a vast choice when selecting a pest control provider, and all companies operate with their own specific protocols and procedures.

Following are a few tips to consider when choosing your provider.

Always choose a licensed professional

How? Go to the Office of Pest Management’s website (https://www.sb.state.az.us). Scroll down to license search and you can search by company name or individual.

Hiring a licensed professional ensures the safety of you and your family

A trained professional knows how and what products to apply and exactly how much. Many do it yourselfers think that more is better when applying chemicals. This approach could be dangerous to you and your family.

Know what chemicals your provider is using when treating your home

There are several restricted and non-restricted products available to licensed professionals.

Keep a record of when, what and where chemicals are applied in and around your home

When choosing a provider make sure they provide you with a service advice at completion of every treatment. The service advice should list areas treated, what chemical was used, the amount of chemicals applied, with the name and certification # of the applicator.


As a consumer it’s important to have fluid communication with your service provider. Choosing a company that is responsive to your questions and concerns is highly important.

Research the provider’s contact methods

Understand how and when they will notify you of service visits, etc. Working with a company that meets your communications needs will ensure you have someone to turn to if emergency issues arise.


A huge concern for most consumers is safety. Ensure your provider has protocols in place to ensure your children and pets are not placed in any harm when your home or business is being treated.

Ask for specific protocols of service

Ask specifically how they will ensure your family and pets are not affected by the treatment.

Choosing a professional to manage your pest control issues is your best defense in fighting off the Arizona pests that can and will invade your home. Choosing Beadle Bug Patrol ensures all of the items listed are met.