How to Seal Bugs Out of Your Home

There are several tools in the arsenal of pest control methods of controlling and eliminating insects from your home. Sealing areas where bugs can get in to your home is a great tool in keeping them from entering in the first place. Following are a few ways to help you keep bugs out!

Apply weather stripping around any doors or windows that do not fit snug

This creates an additional barrier that makes it harder for bugs to get in.

Install window screen to all exhaust vents in your home

Covering the vents with an extra barrier ensures insects do not enter through exhaust fans located within the home. Most common areas to cover are bathroom & laundry room vents.

Seal any gaps or cracks in the foundation area around your home

Inspect the foundation of your home for any gaps or cracks, this requires looking under the area where your walls and foundation come together. Sealing these areas eliminates additional entry areas in to your home you might otherwise not notice.

Seal the areas where electrical and cable wires feed into your home

Areas where utility, cable or wiring enter the home can sometimes have small gaps, inspect and ensure you seal these areas as well.

If you are a DIY type these tips should help get you started on the road to pest free living. If you need our help, Beadle Bug Patrol specializes in sealing bugs out!