Arizona is home to several species of cockroaches.

German, Oriental, American, Brown Banded are a few.

German Roaches are the biggest threat to homeowners, because they infest and live inside the home. Oriental, American and Brown Banded Roaches live outdoors and occasionally make it inside.


German Roaches spread disease and cause asthma in children.

German Roaches infest the interior of homes and can live for months on just a few crumbs of food.

German Roaches reproduce at high rates.

A small infestation can turn into a large infestation very quickly.

Oriental, American and Brown Banded Roaches, live outside the home in planters, meter boxes and high moisture areas.


Clear your clutter. German Roaches love to nest in grocery bags, cardboard boxes, & paper bags.

They are attracted to heat so they also live in toasters, radios, coffee makers, microwave ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators.

Spraying to knock down the population, vacuuming highly infested areas and baiting are the best ways to rid your home of German Roaches.

Oriental, American and Brown Banded Roaches can be better controlled by cleaning flower beds, raking and removing yard debris and managing the moisture in your yard.

Spraying the perimeter of your home and doorways can help reduce the chance of these roaches entering your home.