Rats & Mice

Rats & Mice

We find several different species of rats and mice in Arizona.

Most common is the Roof Rat. Roof Rats love eating citrus which makes Arizona a great place for them to live. Norway and Pack Rats and a variety of mice species are also found here.


Rats live in nests they build in shrubbery, bushes, yard debris.

If they can find their way inside they will build nests in storage sheds, garages and attics.

Rats reproduce quickly and can have up to 2000 descendants each year.

Normal lifespan for a rat is 2 years.


Keep your yard clear of debris and dropped fruit.

Snap traps baited with peanut butter and placed in the area where you’ve seen droppings can lure the rats to the traps.

Sealing and placing exclusion screens in areas of access around your home can greatly reduce the chances of rats invading your home.