Rats Ate My Wires… What?

Have you ever learned a lesson the hard way? The real hard way? By ignoring or procrastinating when your gut is telling you to pay attention and do something?

How would you like your week to start out like this?

It’s Monday morning, you’ve had a terrific weekend but you are getting off to a late start. Rushing to get to work on time, you jump in the car, turn the key and nothing…..you car is completely dead. It worked fine on Saturday when you went shopping, what on earth could’ve happened to your car that had been sitting in the garage between then and now?

After having the car towed to your mechanic you get the call. The mechanic is explaining that your car wiring had been completely severed, in not only one place, but several. The wiring that connected all the major components has to be replaced. Then he tells you it’s gonna cost $2,000 to repair the damage.

What? How could this happen? What caused this damage?

The only explanation the mechanic can give is rats. He explains that in recent years many car manufacturers, especially those meeting “green” requirements in Europe, have started using Soy, rice husks, wood, sugars, peanut oil and straw for many parts to reduce the carbon footprint. Soy has been used in just about everything, wiring harness covers, wire insulation, seat cushion foam and interior carpet and trim. This is the first time you’ve ever heard this. You had no idea that your car could actually attract rats to come on board, make a home and feed their family by chewing on your wires!

Once you have processed the sticker shock and the mechanic’s report, a few light bulbs go off in your head. You had seen the signs but ignored them. You remember the hole chewed in the dog food bag, the droppings in the corner of the garage, the strange noises you were hearing at night and thought were just tree branches rubbing the roof. You noticed a few indicators of rats but just didn’t think it was anything to worry about. Now, you are faced with a huge mechanic bill to get your car back in running condition.

This would be a horrible way to start your week and it certainly would raise your blood pressure.

You can completely avoid hefty auto repair bills, get to work on time, and avoid this type of stress, by taking action. The first thing to do is hire a professional.

Having a professional pest control expert to inspect your home will ensure all areas of nesting and breeding are identified, what food sources may be attracting them, and what type of treatment plan will fit your situation. If you want to do it yourself, go ahead, but do not procrastinate, or you may be late to work on Monday!