Mosquitoes In Arizona

Arizona thunderstorm activity brings a few unwanted pests. Mosquito populations increase dramatically as soon as the rains come.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water. Standing water becomes stagnant very quickly and adult female mosquitoes are always in search of the perfect home to lay their eggs. It doesn’t take more than a few tablespoons of stagnant water to be an attractive egg laying oasis to a female mosquito. Once they mosquitoes hatch they become moving targets and they are very hard to control, so finding the eggs before they hatch can eliminate a major issue before it gets started.

The best defense in keeping mosquitoes away from your home is finding the nursery where they laid their eggs. For pest control professionals finding the stagnant water where the eggs were deposited is our best way to eliminate the problem, we treat the water, the eggs and larvae die and we have the problem under control before it starts.

You can play a big role in keeping a mosquito infestation from invading your space. How? A quick inspection the day after a thunderstorm around your property can eliminate the threat of an infestation all together.

A few areas to check for standing water would include; empty flower pots, stored toys or pool toys, wheel barrows, any decorative landscaping that allows a hollow for water to collect in as well as your yard for any holes or areas that can hold water. If you find standing water remove it, if you can’t remove it put a little bleach in the water to kill anything that may be living in it.

You should also check your yard irrigation system. Some home owners experience mosquito infestations because they are creating them in their own yard. Over watering creates standing water in a yard, if your yard is soppy wet you need to cut back on your watering times. Your grass may look exceptional but the standing water is a haven for mosquito infestations. Drying out your yard for a few days will also kill eggs and larvae if they are in your grass.

Mosquitoes can be more than annoying, Mosquitoes can be deadly. Carrying the West Nile Virus as well as other pathogens.

If you have a mosquito infestation get it resolved as quickly as possible as to keep you and your loved ones safe.