Haboobs: Wind, Rain, Scorpions and More

Have you ever wondered what kinds of creatures ride the wave of a haboob and why there is more insect activity after an Arizona rain storm?

There are a few contributing factors to the increased activity you may experience. When the wind stirs up the desert floor and churns the dust and dirt in the air it is also churning up small insects. The force of the winds can carry  small insects through the air to land wherever the winds subside, which could be on your property. Insects transported can be scorpions, crickets, grasshoppers, cockroaches as well as other desert dwelling creatures.

Another common factor is insects emerging from the grass and landscape areas around your home. When the ground is saturated and starts to puddle all kinds of insects will seek higher, drier, ground. You will most likely experience an increase in American and Oriental cockroaches, earwigs, scorpions and crickets.

Rain storms also create the perfect environment for termite swarming, especially during the fall and spring seasons. Signs of termite activity usually appear shortly after rain storms. If you see small mud tubes forming on the foundation of your home seek the help of a professional  to assess and treat the property before the infestation gets out of hand.

After the storms have gone we then have an increase in mosquito activity. Be sure to inspect your property for any type of standing water and remove it immediately, this will reduce the amount of mosquitoes you will encounter.

Speaking as a happy desert dweller, I love when the rain comes to clear our skies and nourish the desert. Take the time to enjoy the benefits of the rain just remember the storms can bring more than rain.