Greening Up Your Pest Control Protection

Arizona is home to two of the world’s most poisonous insects, the bark scorpion and the black widow spider. Protecting your home, children and pets from invading insects is a main concern for many Arizona residents. In decades past and recent history the solution to controlling these types of dangerous insects meant the use of highly toxic synthetic chemicals spread by means of a gas powered pump.

It is still very common to see a pest control provider in Arizona rolling out a hose from his pump and spraying everything in sight. The result to the home owner may be a great reduction in insect activity in and around their home, but what about the impact the mass spraying is having on the environment and on the health of those occupying the home?

As humans we sometimes just want the satisfaction that our property has been treated so we do not have to worry about unwanted visitors. What we fail to consider is the long term effects spraying harsh synthetic chemicals has on our environment. Chemicals distributed through a power sprayer can have an undesirable effect on non-target organisms and animals. Birds, simply flying through the air or nesting in an area that has been sprayed can die from the chemical residue floating through the air. Bees are very sensitive to chemicals and can also be highly reduced when their foraging areas have been sprayed. Cats and dogs can have adverse effects of chemical exposure when grass areas where they frequent have been sprayed. Not to mention the long term neurological effects some chemicals can have on humans.

Green technology has found its place in pest control. Green conscious companies are producing highly effective products to combat Arizona’s pests. With consistent and proper use products derived from essential oils and other natural insect repellents have been found to achieve lasting control in highly infested areas. Applying these products through hand held and back pack sprayers ensure the products are being delivered only to the areas needing attention and minimize any overexposure to non-target organisms or animals.

Homeowners wanting to take additional steps to protect against unwanted visitors without harsh chemicals can seal doorways, seal grout or flooring cracks, install screens and make property hygiene a priority. These steps will ensure a reduction in indoor insect activity.

Protecting your home against Arizona pest is a personal choice. Some consumers have little to no tolerance of insect activity in or around their home. If you find yourself in this category a professional provider of green services will be your best defense. If you have a little more tolerance and you like to do things yourself there are several green pest control products on the market that you can buy and apply yourself, remember to follow label directions.

If you have a current provider, ensure you know what chemicals they are using and method of application is being used. Being conscious of environmental hazards of pesticides is everyone’s responsibility.