Fumigation, Extermination & Pest Control in Arizona

Arizona weather and landscape provides the perfect living environment for many insects and arachnids.

Consumer are looking for the best options to eradicate and control Arizona pests in and around their homes and property.

Many techniques are used when fighting the battle against insects. All are effective but some may be outdated, unnecessary or harmful to the overall environment.

Understanding methods and terminology will assist you in determining the best service solution to assist you with your insect infestation and eradication.


Fumigation has been used for many years as a method to eradicate many types of insect infestations.  Fumigation for drywood termites and bedbugs are two of the most popular uses for fumigation in Arizona.  The process for fumigating is time consuming and treacherous although highly effective in certain situations.  Fumigation procedures include tarping and sealing the structure and pumping high levels of toxic chemicals into the tarped structure.  Chemicals used will permeate every crack and crevice attacking insects where they live and breed.  Be diligent when selecting a company to perform fumigation, chemicals used are highly restrictive and can only be applied by a licensed professional.


Extermination is a term used in Arizona when referencing an insect infestation elimination.  Many professionals are referred to as an exterminator which simply means, “a person or business specializing in the elimination of vermin, insects, etc from a building, apartment, home, etc. Especially by the controlled application of toxic chemicals.

Pest Control

Pest control in the KitchenPest Control is a more modern term used for eradicating and controlling insect infestations in Arizona.  The term Pest Control became popular in Arizona several years ago after many professionals discovered that a one time application would take care of the insects for short periods of time but infestations would reappear.  This is especially true after some of the most toxic chemicals were banned from use.  With the ban on the highly toxic chemicals a new type of chemical was developed to eliminate the adverse effects the toxic chemicals were having on the environment.   Although these new chemicals were effective on controlling insects the longevity of the residual left behind was shortened which created the need to reapply more frequently.

So the term, Pest Control, is exactly that, establishing and maintaining control of insects in and around your property.  In order to achieve long lasting control professionals should return to reapply chemicals every 30-35 days.  Why?  Chemical effectiveness breaks down when exposed to sunlight, rain and other environmental factors.  Chemicals applied to the interior take a little longer to break down but they are affected by cleaning products, interior temperatures and other factors.

Understanding terminology will help consumers ask the right questions to ensure the professional they are choosing can manage their infestation problems.  Hiring a licensed professional ensures chemical mixing and application and methods of application are appropriate and safe.  Be especially cautious when hiring a fumigation company.

Be an informed consumer

Always check the Office of Pest Management’s website to ensure you are hiring a licensed professional.  You can search for company names, Qualifying Party and Certified Applicator licenses at www.sb.state.az.us, just choose the tab, LIcense Search and enter the company or individual name to check for valid license.  Fumigation is specialized and very few company hold the license, make sure you are diligent in hiring only licensed professionals for any fumigation needs you may have.

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