The Fight Against Mosquitos
Starts With You!

Fighting the battle against mosquitos can be exhausting. This year we are seeing more risk arise with mosquitos and the disease they can spread. In most cases you have no control over the mosquito population in your neighborhood or city, but there are steps you can take to ensure your personal space is not a breeding ground for them.

  1. Inspect your property thoroughly for any standing water
  2. Remove any items in your yard or patio that can catch and hold water
  3. Sanitize bird baths and ornamental yard fountains regularly
  4. Keep landscaped areas trimmed and clean
  5. Repair leaking sprinkler heads or irrigation lines

Tips to protect your family when spending time outdoors

  1. Burn Citronella candles on your porch or patio
  2. Install yellow patio/porch lights
  3. Keep doors and windows closed or well screened
  4. Cover your body with long sleeves and pants when possible
  5. Apply repellents on all exposed skin
  6. Here are other mosquito facts and tips

Professional pest control service can treat landscape areas and the perimeter of the home, this treatment will cut down on the population and add a layer of protection to your environment. Following the tips given will be your best defense to keeping your home and family safe from unwanted mosquito bites!

If you can’t do it yourself, inquire and hire a professional to help reduce and eliminate the problems you may be experiencing.