Creating a Pest Free Environment in Your New Home

In Arizona having a pest free home is like saying you will never feel 110 degrees in the summer! Arizona climate is perfect for producing all kinds of creepy crawlies that love to invade your space.

Being completely pest free may not be realistic but there are several proactive steps you can take before you move in to your new home.

Have your home treated before you move in

An empty home is like a blank canvas for pest control providers, we can treat all the areas of the home that will soon be obstructed by furniture and personal items thoroughly. Treating your home before moving in establishes a chemical barrier inside the home that will last for months.

Ensure landscaping is trimmed and clean

Clearing weeds, dog poop, dead grass, trash and fallen citrus depletes food sources that may attract insects to your home.

Store Pet Food after feeding

Ants, insects and rodents love pet food. Keep storage bins sealed and pet food bowls picked up after feeding.

Keep it Tidy

Keeping kitchen cleaned, clear of crumbs, trash picked up and clean dishes help in keeping insects and ants from thriving in your home.

Avoid planting plants within three feet of your home’s foundation

Plants and moisture attract all kinds of desert insects & termites to your home.

Avoid storing or stacking items against your home

Stored items provide shade and shelter for insects, provides a breeding and egg laying environment.

Do not use cardboard boxes for storage

Invest in plastic storage boxes with sealable lids. Insects thrive in a cardboard environment, especially in areas where they are not disturbed, like your garage.

Use a yellow light in your outdoor fixtures

Use of a yellow light bulb will decrease activity of flying insects in and around your entry doors.