The bee population in Arizona is plentiful.

Bees are a great help to the environment but when they invade your home they become pests and can create danger for your family. Arizona is home to the common Honeybee and to Africanized Bees.


Bees are not the only insect that pollinates plants and flowers.

Honeybee hives that go unnoticed and grow to significant size can start producing the more aggressive Africanized Bees.

Africanized Bees, are hostile, aggressive and get angry when disturbed by loud noises.

Always take caution when approaching an active beehive.

Bee swarms stop to rest. If you see a clump of bees in a tree or on a structure near dusk, wait until morning to see if they leave, in most cases they’ve just stopped over for the night.


Sealing small holes in siding, stucco or under eaves can help prevent bees from building hives inside your wall.

Bees are attracted to soda and beer cans, keeping trash and recycle bins covered can help reduce the bees around your home.

Small amounts of bees can be killed with a mixture of soap and water.